Cala Vadella


Tucked in the southwestern part of the island, Cala Vadella is a true Ibizan gem. Its calm bay, home to those can’t-miss, turquoise-green waters, is surrounded by rolling hills, rocky cliffs and a quiet resort town. Out of the water, Cala Vadella’s cobblestone walkways are brimming with restaurants spilling out onto the street, with family, friends and couples alike enjoying tasty food and drink. Just steps away from the liveliness Ibiza is famous for, Cala Vadella offers a serene respite in the magical Mediterranean.

The hidden paradise

Ibizan Style Party

Snorkeling caves filled with colorful fish, yachts dotting the surface of the water and a quiet beach where only in-the-know locals like to play—all hidden behind southern Ibiza’s rolling hills. Is there anything more idyllic? Cala Vadella might not be the corner of Ibiza the world hears about, but it’s the part of Ibiza every traveler needs to see.

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